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A Story Apart: Caitlin Emeritz

 Her palette, her photography, her love of wood, and sheepskin. The clean lines and simple shapes of her finds in Metrode, her online boutique. Who is this woman?   We had to find out. 

 During a beautiful Seattle day, we met Caitlin for tea.   We could say Caitlin the beautiful, the intellectual, the articulate, the inspired but, perhaps it’s better not to put words on such as special spirit.  She is lovely.

For A Story Apart, Caitlin got together with the photographer Christine Tran (Totokaelo collaborator) to create images that capture a bit of her.









In which season are you most happy?
Fall. I love the colors, and get the most sense of impending excitement & renewal at this time of the year. I love the feeling of stepping into a refreshing fall day, as well as the clothing items & combinations that naturally accompany this season- loose sweaters, lightweight tights, soft scarves, a sturdy hat..

Have you ever been inspired by someone else’s style?
I met a woman a couple of years ago who was older, not ostensibly into fashion, and who did not have a lot of resources available to her. She had on a black vintage cocoon coat, a striped cotton top & was carrying a nice utilitarian tote for groceries. The clothing she wore was worn, but well-cared-for & of a good fit. She had smooth, beautiful skin & wore her hair back very simply.
Her manner- kind, gentle, dignified, at ease- was reflected in these choices. She accomplished what I think is the goal, conscious or not, of style: communicating, accurately & instantly, a glimpse of one’s self to others.

if you had to live with 5 wardrobe items, what would they be?

1. loose fit alpaca sweater
2. transitional weight trousers
3. linen blazer (black or natural)
4. silk undershirt
5. gray leather boots

what’s your favorite object in your house?
I can limit myself to two; one is a very difficult. The first is a very soft sheepskin rug I bought online from a farm. Among those available, it seemed unique. It turned out to be an older ewe, and I think you can see and feel that in it. It is soft & fine & gray in an elegant, time-weathered way. Sitting or curling up on it reminds me of a hug from my Mom.

The second is a Navajo rug I recently bought in New Mexico. Its style is unusual, and I haven’t seen many like it. The base is a simple cream weave, with long staple natural wool tufted through it. The result is very natural, much like a sheepskin. Its a very special piece to me.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Not unkindly, my husband Michael once encouraged me to get over something I had considered true hardship. Such a response was a small shock, and ultimately a revelation. He allowed me my grief, shame, and pain, but introduced the idea that a healthy & whole life could follow what had initially felt insurmountable.


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